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Connect to our platform as a car-dealer, OEM, LIB-manufacturer, Recycling-/Disposal-company, logistics enterprise or government.
Either by subscription or white labelled!

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  • OEM/Automotive/LIB
    implement traceable circular processes for EV recycling while protecting the IP/data to become compliant and secure sourcing of scared resources


  • Car Dealers
    forward received battery packs as soon as possible to become compliant, reduce storage costs and and raise your working safety


  • Recycling Centers
    diligently plan a safe recycling/disposal process, report on it and generate additional revenue by selling recycled raw materials


  • Logistics
    diligently plan, track and trace hazardous goods in a compliant manner while informing customers for pick-up and drop-off


  • Governments/Authorities
    monitor compliance and get holistic data on battery recycling and hazardous waste, work safety and safe transportation


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  • Blockchain Ledger
    Fraud-safe and traceable transactions
    Reduced costs/overhead for invoicing/payment & financial controlling


  • Track & Trace
    Secure planning and reliable forecasting
    Enabling regulatory traceability and become compliant


  • Integration Platform
    Integrate at the people-, information- and process- level to run service-enabled business applications
    Seamless integration to legacy ERP reduces costs and increases the fault tolerance in real-time


  • Extensible repository of Enriched Enterprise Data
    Compliant reporting and holistic analytics for fact-based decisions
    Real-time data on goods in stock optimizes logistics, reduces costs and secures scared resources

  • Business Suite & Industry Processes modularized and exposed through Enterprise Services
    Integration to 3rd party applications and legacy systems at low TCO
    Enabling trusted and relevant partner solutions and services
    Facilitating industry standards reduces overhead and enables sustainable collaborations


  • Composition Environment
    Plan and build flexible and innovative business processes to react agilely to new challenges


  • National and International Regulations covered
    Checklist-based workflows and compliance documents generated according latest legislations for all process steps, incl. work-safety, inspection, enumeration, packaging and shipment


  • Bulk Processing
    Simplified reverse logistics with AI-based route planning to reduce costs and fulfill regulatory shipment requirements


  • Full Control
    your assets - your processes - your value


  • Role-based Workflows and Tenants
    Integrate your partners with you in full control of processes, access-rights and security

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