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Recover Your Discarded
And Earn Money!


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  • 2nd Life Producers
    secure battery cells procurement and receive OEM-specific battery pack data

  • EV/ 2nd Life owners
    get instant or regular services to purchase, maintain, dispose electric storage solutions, incl. EV battery packs 


Have a sneak preview on our MVPs and send us your feedback!




  • AI-based Price Engine
    we compare millions of prices and suggest the best one for you

  • Full control
    your asset - your decisions - your revenue


  • Over-the-air reading of the battery-data
    no physical access to car needed

  • Blockchain-based transactions
    secure payment and ledger with all battery data

  • Scenario-based matching, driven by AI
    find the right battery-chemistry based on your individual need


  • Battery Pass
    certified origin and transparent SOH/SOC by remote inspection


  • Virtual Tour
    you get what you see - promised


  • Specialized logistics
    have your battery safely shipped with all needed documents


  • Huge partner network
    any specific service available at your fingertips


  • Global community
    find tips & tricks and have every question answered


  • Blog & News
    stay informed with latest developments and solutions

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