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akksel ™ is making sure, discarded industrial scale batteries are coming back for recycling, 2nd life and orderly disposal 

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We’re Changing the Way the World Handles Industrial-scale Batteries

How can we effectively satisfy the rising demand for storing electricity while protecting the global environment and providing sustainable solutions for the mining affected people in poorest countries? By establishing a circular economy for this issue, we help reducing environmental impact of the rising demand in the well-developed countries and generate profit to support affected miners/farmers in underdeveloped countries to give them a perspective for a healthier and sustainable life.

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We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

The EV battery value network for reverse logistics

We provide a Track & Trace platform for taking back used batteries, dismantle and store batteries in a safe manner and organize the  reverse logistics according regulatory requirements.

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Get a deep inside of battery recycling and distribution or fulfill regulatory reporting requirements to become compliant.

For EV- and industrial-scale batteries,
modules, batches of cells, accessories and tools. You're in full control and conduct price negotiations independently.

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WHY akksel

Have you ever thought about what happens to the hundreds of millions of electric vehicles battery packs that have been discarded?

akksel™ is the leading global circular economy solution provider, connecting second-live battery consumers and suppliers and generate
revenues from an exponentially growing value network by at the same time making our contribution to reduce environmental pollution and exploitation of people.

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